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Shop keeper hands customer a bottle of water from her fridge

Gaia Energy

Sign up for our Gaia Energy tariff

Christian Aid and Gaia Energy have come together to develop the ARK Tariff (Additional Renewable Kilowatt tariff) helping the world’s poorest communities to access clean, reliable energy.

Customers using this ethical energy tariff are helping to fund our award-winning Breaking the Barriers’ Programme. It supports women to create and own Women’s Led Sustainable Energy Enterprises in some of the poorest and most remote off-grid communities. 

Groups receive training in sustainable energy products and technologies and business skills; they can also access finance through savings and loans groups. The project:

  • increases rural women’s jobs and income in the sustainable energy sector
  • improves their working and living conditions
  • promotes gender equality
  • strengthens women’s social status.

I really want to witness the economic empowerment and improved quality of life for women in sustainable energy related enterprises.

- Yvonne Murindiwa, Breaking the Barriers programme manager.

How does it work?

By choosing Gaia Energy’s ARK Tariff, your church can support Christian Aid’s renewable energy projects. For an additional charge of £20 (including VAT) per year, per contract (either gas or electricity or both), you can help give the world’s poorest communities access to reliable, clean energy.

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Shop keeper and customers stand outside the Morning Sun shop

The Morning Sun solar-powered shop, run by women in Southern Ethiopia, has a phone-charging hub for the community

Find out more

For more information about the ARK tariff, please call 01179 506 502 or visit the Gaia Energy website.