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Get closer to Christian Aid
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The Closer Panel

Get closer to Christian Aid.

Join our supporter panel and have a real impact on the way Christian Aid works.

Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of their dignity and lets injustice thrive. But together we have the power to transform lives.

As part of the Closer Panel, your opinions and feedback can help shape our communications, focus and the way we work – putting us in a better position to help others across the globe.

More about the panel

The Closer Panel, made up of our supporters, was first launched back in September 2013 and has been a huge success.

We’ve used the results of the surveys shared with the panel to help us evaluate fundraising ideas, get a steer on new website designs, and delve deeper into your views on campaigning for change – just to name a few.

Join the panel and we’ll send you a short email survey each month with questions about Christian Aid and our work. All you need to do is simply fill it in and submit it.

In return, you’ll receive sneak previews of our marketing materials, have a chance to voice your opinions and suggestions, and receive feedback on how your views will shape our future work.

Get closer to Christian Aid today. 

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of our supporter panel before joining.