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What’s the plan for climate justice?

As part of the Paris Agreement, the UK has submitted its climate plan, or NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution), to the UN.

These NDCs will indicate how each country is going to help keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. The combined plans submitted in 2015 were nowhere near ambitious enough, and in fact set the world on course to warm by 3 degrees or more, which would be catastrophic for people and planet. That’s why the Paris agreement required new plans to be submitted, at least every five years.

The UK’s level of ambition is particularly important this year for two reasons:

  • As the 6th largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions since the start of the Industrial Revolution, the UK has contributed disproportionately to the climate crisis and therefore bears a responsibility to lead the world in ambitious action to address the crisis.
  • The UK government will be the President of the UN climate talks taking place in Glasgow in November 2021 - COP26. Given its pivotal position in the talks, the UK Government’s national plan could help set the bar for other countries’ plans.

Headlines of the plan were announced in December 2020, but it is still not clear how the UK government will reach its emission reduction targets.

We must act sooner rather than later. Although we welcome the increased ambition to reduce emissions at home, the UK plan does not add up to the action that we need, particularly for those already bearing the brunt of the crisis.

More cuts are needed, more quickly, and with more acknowledgement of our international responsibility.

Please email or write to your MP now and ask them to write to Boris Johnson about the UK’s climate plan. The NDC target must be quickly accompanied by the ambitious policies needed to deliver it.

The key points to raise are:

  • The UK must make emissions cuts as soon as possible, not carry on as normal and then face the need to drastically cut before 2030.
  • Any economic stimulus implemented by the government to cope with the fallout of the pandemic must be used to promote a just transition away from fossil fuel use and other climate-positive actions, such as support to make homes more energy efficient.
  • The UK government, along with other rich countries, promised to deliver $100bn of climate finance annually by 2020 to help countries at the forefront of the crisis. This promise remains unfulfilled, with most finance given as loans instead of grants. The UK government must use its leadership to mobilise resources, starting by stepping up its own finance commitments.
  • The UK must work with others to make sure the transition to a sustainable economy is global and that poorer countries are supported in their access to clean energy The UK’s presidency of the G7 is an opportunity to show leadership in this area.
  • The UK government must use its leverage over the  World’s Financial Centre, the City of London, to shift financial flows away from fossil fuel infrastructure development towards clean renewable energy.

Please email or write to your MP now and ask them to write to Boris Johnson about the UK climate plan

You can find out who your MP is by going to and typing in your postcode.  

Here’s some tips to help with your message:

  • Keep it concise. 
  • Make it personal. Explain why climate justice is so important to you.  
  • Make the connection between local and global. A decent climate plan will help create jobs in the UK, helping the recovery from corona virus as well as tackling the global injustice of the climate crisis.  
  • Make sure you ask them to do something specific – in this case writing to the Prime Minister, copying in Alok Sharma as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy highlighting that the current plan is insufficient.
  • Remember to include your name and full address so that your MP know that you live in their constituency.

Please let us know if you write to your MP, and especially if you hear back from them, by emailing us