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Afghanistan is under immense strain. 

Decades of conflict, political turmoil and poverty have taken their toll on the Afghan people. 

The country is now going through its worst drought in decades, an economic collapse and a healthcare crisis in the wake of the COVID–19 pandemic.  

Millions of people face famine this winter. 

In response to this rapidly worsening crisis, the UN has launched its biggest ever appeal for a single country - $4.4 billion to pay for food and other life-saving aid, including support for women and girls.  

Mobilising these resources will need robust leadership. 

So what can we do? The UK needs to: 

  • Immediately convene a humanitarian conference, bringing other wealthy countries around the table to prevent famine in Afghanistan
  • Massively step up our own contribution to fund our fair share of the UN Appeal. 

Please add your name to our petition asking the UK Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss to urgently act.