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A humanitarian crisis is deepening in South Sudan. Hunger, drought and a fragile peace process mean the country has been facing crisis on crisis.

People returning and those displaced by the growing conflict in Sudan are seeking sanctuary in South Sudan. As they reach the border, they're met with a shocking reality. Vulnerable men, women and children are now stuck in dangerous transit camps where there are few facilities and not enough food or shelter. 

A global response is critical to keep people healthy and safe and support South Sudanese people to pursue a lasting peace at home.

We cannot allow the people of South Sudan to be forgotten.

You can stand with South Sudan

Together we can take action and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers. You can write to your MP and your local newspaper to help shine a spotlight on what's happening in South Sudan.

Write to your MP

Write to your MP and ask them to call on the UK Government to respond to the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.

Ask your MP to:

Write to Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, and ask that the UK Government: 

  • Provide the needed funding and diplomatic support for peacebuilding. The UK should fund the peacebuilding work of civil society actors including churches, and provide diplomatic support to the Sudan and South Sudan peace processes.
  • Provide additional funds to the humanitarian response and make a long term plan for aid to South Sudan. The UK government must support South Sudan to deal with the needs of new arrivals from Sudan, without losing sight of the long term needs for peace and development. 

Writing to your MP: top tips

You can find your local MP on the UK parliament website.

In your letter or email:

  • You can send your letter as an individual or as a church.
  • Make it personal. Tell your MP why the situation in South Sudan is important to you (and your church).
  • Tell your MP what is happening in South Sudan using the MP briefing and information on our website.
  • Ask your MP to take action (using the asks above).
  • Include a copy of the MP briefing.
  • Thank them in advance for acting as your representative.

Write to your local paper

Writing to your local paper is a great way to let people in your community know about issues that the national media have forgotten. You can use our letter template to send a 'letter to editor' to your local paper and let people know what is happening in South Sudan and how they can help. 

 Top tips: 

  • Contact your local paper by going online to find the editor’s email address or take a look in a paper copy in the ‘letter to editor’ page.
  • Use our 'Letter to editor' template to write your letter.
  • Personalise the template and make it clear why this is important to you.

Keep in touch

Let us know when you’ve written to your MP by emailing us at—and if your MP responds.

Together we can use our voices and show our solidarity for the people of South Sudan and all who are seeking sanctuary.