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Seeds of Change Resources

Scroll down to find all the additional resources you need to help complete your ‘Seeds of change’ actions from week 6 of the Act on Poverty course.

Hold an Act on Poverty Service

Download our worship resources to help you plan your Act on Poverty church service.

Order a ‘Let’s End Poverty’ Banner to display at your church

Complete this form to purchase your banner now.

Share information with your community

Issues to raise

Find out more about issues you can raise with your MPs and candidates. There are suggestions for what to ask them about tackling poverty, both locally and globally.

Find out who local representatives and candidates are

To help you build a fact file on your MP or other local representative, take a look at the TheyWorkForYou website.

You can also set an alert so that you receive an email each time your MP votes on an issue that you care about.

Use this website after the election to find out if you have a new MP.

You can find information on the candidates vying to represent you at

Invite candidates and local representatives to your church

Invite your MPs and General Election candidates to visit your church and find out what you are doing to Act on Poverty.  Use our Act on Poverty press release to let your local media know.

Let your local newspapers, radio and even television stations know that local politicians are coming to meet you. Look at the outlet’s website for something like ‘Contact the News Desk’.

Have a spokesperson ready in case you’re offered an interview – don’t worry; it’s like chatting to a neighbour! Contact our Regional Media Advisor Juliet Lunam ( for more info and support.

After the election, write to your newly elected MP

Congratulate them. Introduce yourself and your church and highlight your key concerns. Here are some tips.

Take a proposal to your church council or leadership group

Take a proposal with suggestions for how your church can Act on Poverty in 2024.

You could:

  • Suggest ideas for events or a meal to get all your members talking about the issues
  • Host an Act on Poverty Service
  • Use the films and audio recordings from the Act on Poverty Course to inspire and inform your church
  • Take your seeds of change action card along to explore with the church leadership all the different ways you can act.
Sign up to get more info

Sign up using this form to get more info from Christian Aid on how you can act on poverty.