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Proof is in the pudding for pledges made at COP26

Send the Prime Minister a Christmas Card

Tell the Prime Minister that when it comes to climate justice, the proof is in the pudding

Over 50,000 people have put their names to our giant Christmas card

Together we are letting the Prime Minister know that when it comes to the pledges made at COP26, the proof is in the pudding

We've sent the card, and 50,000 names to the printers and will hand it in to No.10 Downing street on 15th December.

You can still join the campaign, by sending your own handwritten card to the PM. Get all the info below.

Send the PM a Christmas card

1. Choose/create your card

You may like to include a drawing or artwork that represents your message. 

2. Write your message

You can use the message below as a starting point. For even more impact, personalise it and make it your own.

Dear Prime Minister, 

My hope this Christmas is that the UK secures more finance for those hit hardest by the climate crisis. You have said rich countries must find this money, but COP26 did not deliver.  

In 2022, please push for more climate finance and a fund for climate-related loss and damage. 

Merry Christmas

3. Post your card

Pop your card into an envelope, and send it to this address:

The Rt Hon. Boris Johnson, MP,

Prime Minister,

10 Downing St,

London SW1A 2AA