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Our call for peace in Gaza

Christian Aid is calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, to enable a full humanitarian response, secure the release of hostages, and lay the groundwork for peace. The UK government must hold all parties to account, suspend arms sales to Israel, and back peace.

Read the blog below to learn more about what we're calling for and why. Then, sign our petition or write to your MP.

Help stop the slaughter of innocent civilians and call on the UK government to do all it can to bring about an immediate ceasefire.

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Ceasefire Now Petition

We’re urging the UK to call for a ceasefire, hold all parties to account, and back peace

Contact your MP

Join the call for a ceasefire in Gaza by contacting your MP

How many killed is too many?

Our campaigning activity calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

UK complicity must end

Our public letter calling out the UK's complicity in the slaughter of civilians in Gaza.
Donate and share hope with people in need

Help local responders make a huge difference