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Church Activity Pack

Church Activity Pack

This pack will help your church reflect and act on loss and damage.

Worship Resources

Loss and Damage Bible Study

To help structure a theological conversation about the campaign.

Loss and Damage Sermon Notes

To help your church structure a sermon on loss and damage.

Loss and Damage Prayers

To help and guide your church's prayer time.

A Theological Reflection

Explore loss and damage from a theological perspective

Loss and Damage Sermon Example

To help put together your own loss and damage sermon.

Additional Resources

Loss and Damage Explainer

Ugandan climate justice activist, Vanessa Nakate, explains why we need to make pollluters pay for loss and damage.

Loss and Damage Promo Leaflet

A leaflet explaining the loss and damage campaign. For use at stalls, churches and events.

Loss and Damage Report - May 2023

A one page report on where the money for the loss and damage fund could come from.

If you have any questions about loss and damage resources please get in touch with our campaigns team.