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Christian Aid supporters at the COP26 Global Day of Action march in Glasgow on 6th November 2021

Climate justice

Loss and damage: back the fund

Sign the petition calling on Boris Johnson to fully back the creation of an international loss and damage fund.

Tell the PM: establish a loss and damage fund

Sign the petition

It's time for polluters to pay!

In Zimbabwe, crops are lost to drought. In Haiti, homes are damaged by a hurricane and in Kenya, a road is washed away by a flash flood.

This is what the climate crisis looks like - it's hitting the poorest people in the world the hardest.

We say it’s time for polluters to pay up and repair what’s damaged.

By paying into an international loss and damage fund, the countries and polluters who’ve done the most to cause the climate crisis could help people recover and rebuild when disasters strike and compensate them for all that is permanently lost. The only problem is, no such fund exists – yet!

Why this fund is needed

It’s time that governments across the world set up a central fund to pay for the loss and damage caused by climate change:

  • a fund which those who are hit hardest can easily access
  • a fund which would pay for the rebuilding of homes flattened by hurricanes
  • a fund which can support those who can no longer farm their land, because of rising sea levels or persistent drought

Our message to Boris Johnson: back the fund

We’re calling on the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to fully back the creation of an international loss and damage fund as a matter of urgency, and to push for other governments to back this too.

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