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Change is made by those who show up

In just a few short weeks a new UK Parliament will offer a fresh start to build relationships with MPs.

We invite you to follow in Jesus' footsteps: to sit down and break bread with decision makers and urge them to act on poverty.

Start planning now. Find out who at your church might be interested, download our 'breaking bread' guide' and swot up on key issues Christian Aid is advocating for.


People sit around a table, sharing food.

Breaking Bread Guide

Everything you or your church needs to help engage with your newly elected MP and urge them to act on poverty. 

It's full of hints and tips to ensure you get off to a great start.

Sign up to get immediate access to download it now.  


Watch our videos to see what Christian Aid is urging the next UK Government to act on.


Ask your newly elected MP: Put peace first


Ask your newly elected MP: Pay up for climate justice


Ask your newly elected MP: Cancel the debt

Things you can do right now

Talk to election candidates, swot up on issues or join our drop-in sessions to help you plan to engage your MP

Engage your election candidates

How to engage your election candidates and what to say

General election crib sheets

Swot up on the key issues ahead of meeting your newly elected MPs.

Faith into action drop in sessions

Monthly drop in sessions to equip and support you in engaging with your newly elected MPs.
Need help?

If you're interested in Christian Aid running a local workshop with your church about engaging your newly elected MP email us.