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Send a postcard to Boris

Every action counts

The G7 is made up of the richest countries in the world and this June, G7 leaders are being hosted by the UK government in Cornwall.

Countries that caused the climate crisis must financially support those facing its worst impacts. The UK must lead the way by making more money available to tackle this crisis – and the G7 is a key moment to make this happen.  

As we can’t be physically present in Cornwall to raise our voices, we need to make sure the Prime Minister gets the message another way.  

Send Boris Johnson a postcard that represents where you live to show the breadth of support for action on climate justice. 

Suggested message

Here's a template message to write on your postcard to the Prime Minister:

Dear Prime Minister,  

I can’t be in Cornwall for the G7, but I call on you to make this summit a success for climate justice. Please:  

  • Increase climate finance to the most vulnerable communities around the world.  
  • Cancel unfair debts so that countries can tackle the climate crisis and other urgent priorities. 

The futures of millions of people depend on a just finance deal at the G7 and COP26.

With best wishes,  

(remember to leave your name and full address)  

Where do I send my postcard?

Use the address below to make sure your postcard reaches Number 10:

Boris Johnson,
10 Downing Street,

Our friends around the world who are already living with the impacts of the climate crisis don’t get a seat at the G7 table. Make sure they are not forgotten in the discussions. 

Spread the message

Please tweet a picture of you and your postcard, or send it to us so that we can share these on social media to spread the message. 

Use the hashtags #WishWeWereThere and #G7

Don't forget to tag us on: 

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A campaigner with a London postcard ready to send to the Prime Minister.

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