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Constituency Campaigner Expression of Interest

With a general election on the horizon, the time is now to ensure that climate justice is at the top of your MPs agenda.

Constituency Campaigner volunteers build deep local connections and use collective power to persuade local MP that climate justice is a key issue. Interested?

Read the Constituency Campaigner volunteer role profile, fill out the form and tell us why you want to get involved.

Equality and diversity

We are committed both to promoting equality and diversity within the organisation and to Equal Opportunities in employment. In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, Christian Aid must obtain consent to hold and use personal information about individuals that could be considered sensitive. The following has been highlighted as sensitive under the DPA 1998: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious belief, trade union membership, physical or mental health condition, sexual life. The Act prohibits the processing of sensitive data except in specified circumstances, for example equal opportunities monitoring. It is only in this sensitive area that Christian Aid wishes to monitor in order to assess the effectiveness of its diversity and inclusion policy and to reduce the possibility of discrimination occurring.