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Rose Katanu Jonathan is 67 from Itukisya earth dam project, Dili Village, Kitui. Because it has not rained properly for over a year in this area, the dam built by ADS has run out of water. In this image, Rose and her community are working together to clear the weeds and rubbish from the Dam.

Climate Justice

This year, every moment matters.

While the world has focused on the Coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis has not gone away.

As the UK government responds to the social and economic impacts of coronavirus, it could go back to business as usual, making the climate crisis and inequality worse. Or it could take steps towards a better future, where everyone has enough to live life to the full, free from devastating climate chaos.   

The crisis has already arrived in the lives of millions of people around the world, hurting those who have done the least to cause it. Time is running out to limit the worst impacts of climate breakdown for millions more. This year the UK government will host both the G7 and the crucial UN climate talks, COP26. We must use these opportunities to make our voices heard. From now on, every moment matters and every action counts in the fight for climate justice.  

Every action counts

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Meet Naomi and Rosalia – growing and singing their way out of the climate crisis.

Naomi and Rosalia live in Kyeng’e village in Kitui, where the women have worked with Christian Aid partner, Anglican Development Services – Eastern (ADSE), to set up a Climate Change Advocacy Group. The impacts of the crisis are plain to see in this part of Kenya.

We have gone almost seven years without experiencing reliable rainfall, and the drought has hit the area for about two years. We have not received rains. I am worried: I am not sure if it will rain in the coming season. Because of drought, people are forced to cut down trees and burn charcoal

- Rosalia

Rosalia, a climate advocacy champion in Kenya, tends to her crops

Alongside ADSE, the community built an earth dam to increase their access to water, which has made a big difference to daily life.  

But the fear of drought has not gone away, so the women are raising their voices to tackle climate change in their community and beyond. As well as planting trees, they also attend local meetings to meet with government officials.   

Naomi, a climate champion in Kenya

We sing and create awareness of climate change among people. Some of the songs advocate about the planting and growing of trees. I have known the importance of climate change: that’s why we are telling people through singing.

- Naomi

Naomi and Rosalia are doing what they can to tackle their climate crisis, even though they have done nothing to cause it. But the only way to solve the crisis is for rich countries like the UK to urgently reduce their emissions, and to support communities that are living with the impacts.  

We are running out of time, and this year is particularly crucial, with the UK hosting the G7 and the important UN climate talks, COP26. The way we choose to respond to the impacts of the pandemic will set the course for the coming years. 

That’s why the UK government must use its role as host of the G7 and UN climate Summit, COP26 to 

  • Increase financial support to the world’s poorest countries and push for their debts to be cancelled so they can better confront the climate crisis and other urgent priorities that they face. 
  • Invest in a green recovery that leaves no-one behind – either in the UK or in the world’s poorest communities.
  • Stop the expansion of fossil fuel energy and step-up support to clean energy.  

Get involved

This year every prayer, every action, every step towards climate justice matters. Join us as we go forward together into a future where all can thrive.

Florence in prayer

Prayer Chain

This year is crucial in the struggle for climate justice. To make it a reality we must underpin it in prayer.
Water collection in Kitui, Kenya

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