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Andrew and Jan Jenkins worked with their local churches’ Justice & Peace Group in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, to put on an evening event (7-9pm) for Talking Climate Justice!

A picture of Andrew Jenkins, the Volunteer who organised the event

It was obvious from the ideas shared by the group that there is a lot going on in different churches. Sharing ideas and news of action is inspiring. It’s important to share the positives.

- Andrew Jenkins, organiser.

They wanted to involve a range of local churches and so held the event on a weekday evening, to avoid clashing with anyone’s Sunday services. 25 people attended from six different churches, including the Diocesan Environmental Officer. The event was also strongly supported by the local vicar, Rev. Peter Chantry.

The group appreciated the support of their local Church Engagement and Fundraising Officer from Christian Aid, Jez Gowers-Cromie; do get in touch with your local staff member to help plan your Talking Climate Justice event. Andrew used the Christian Aid materials from this DIY KIT, he found the script, power point and videos particularly useful, but do have a look through all the content to see what would work best for you.

A profile photograph of Jez Cromie, from Christian Aid.

People often wanted to chat as one large group, but there was time to work in pairs as well. The mood was very hopeful and inspiring, with an emphasis on future action – for your event it’s important to think about:

  • how you split the group to make sure everyone can contribute, and
  • how you move from conversation to action.

The topic of Church of England divestment in fossil fuels was also high on the agenda and participants made a pledge, looking to the future, to try and keep climate change on the agenda, in services, home groups, notices and newsletters. Andrew said,

Whilst fundraising and prayer are both crucial endeavours, campaigning is essential to achieving long-term change and tonight people were both interested and invigorated.

This event brought together a wide group of local people who truly care about climate justice, and they are determined to not stop here! This network is going to be a catalyst for positive action and follow up meetings are already planned.

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