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The UK has a key role to play in generating the money needed to compensate communities for the loss and damage they face.

The UK can lead by example, by providing money itself; the UK can force polluting fossil fuel companies to pay up; and the UK can use it's diplomatic influence to encourage other countries to act.

But in order to act and to champion loss and damage, the UK government needs to see that the people they represent (us) care about this issue.

Will you meet with (or write to) your MP and call for action on loss and damage?

Where to start?

Parliamentary briefing

Give or send our latest Parliamentary briefing to your MP.

MP template letter

An editable template letter to call on your MP to make polluters pays for loss and damage.

What do I say to my MP next?

Met or written to your MP and wondering how to reply? We've got you covered!

Top tips

Watch this short presentation to explore how to lobby your MP
Loss and Damage

Head back to our main loss and damage campaign page for more information about how you can get involved.