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Christian Aid are offering free training to young adults across the country. Maybe that's you, maybe that's someone you know?

We’ve put together the ‘changemaker activism training’ to equip young adult Christians with a heart for justice to step up their political engagement and tackle the structural causes of injustice. With a general election soon approaching this is a great time to start thinking about direct engagement with candidates and power holders, amplifying the voice of the church.

The training will be split into two parts:

  • The first being a theological reflection and discussion group facilitated by you or completed as individuals. We designed a booklet to help guide this discussion and have a separate facilitators guide so you’ll know exactly how to lead a conversation and how long it will take which we will send ahead of time.
  • We then hope you’ll have us (in person if possible, but online if not) lead the second part, which aims to tease out the existing skills within your group. The booklet also contains space for planning, and jotting down ideas throughout this session.

This is completely free training.

If it sounds interesting or you have any questions it’d be great to chat. You can contact our Young Adults Activism Officer, Bella Cross using the link below.

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