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Woman stands next to cancel the debt bunting on her washing line

Cancel the Debt photo petition

Add your voice

Between now and October, we want you to send us a photo of you creatively displaying the words Cancel The Debt.

We’re collecting photos of supporters from across the globe to show world leaders that it’s time to #CancelTheDebt.

Cancel the Debt in pictures

Here are just a few examples of the creative ways people have shown the #CancelTheDebt message. 

Cancel the debt photo petition collage

How to get involved

  • Take a selfie, or ask a friend to take a photo of you creatively displaying the words 'Cancel The Debt'
  • If possible, show where you are based eg. by a town or street sign, or notable feature.
  • Share your image on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #CancelTheDebt. Be sure to tag @christian_aid on Twitter so we can find your photos.
  • You could also tag the finance minister in your country, so they know you support the campaign – for the UK that’s the Chancellor, @RishiSunak
  • If you don’t have a social media account, email your photo to us at
  • Inspire others by sharing your photo with friends and family.

By adding your face and voice, you’re part of a movement of people around the world calling for the poorest countries to have a fighting chance to survive the coronavirus pandemic. 

Photo gallery

You can look at all the pictures that have been collected so far by us and our friends at Jubilee Debt Campaign, CAFOD and Oxfam.