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'Cancel the Debt' projected on the side of the JP Morgan Building

'Cancel the Debt' projected on the side of the JP Morgan Building. - Robin Prime / Christian Aid

Cancel the Debt

Call on the creditors to put people before profit

Some of the world’s richest banks have made a fortune over the last year, profiting during the pandemic, while funds are being drained from the poorest countries in the world. 

As Covid-19 pushes over 150 million people into extreme poverty, many large banks and speculators, including Blackrock, JP Morgan, HSBC and UBS, continue to demand debt repayments from some of the poorest countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

This is leaving some poorer countries with less money to spend on tackling Covid-19, the climate crisis and to provide essentials like education and health. 

This is a matter of justice and we must act now by demanding big banks #CancelTheDebt. 

Call on private creditors to:

  • Cancel the debts for low- and middle-income countries  that request it to help them respond and recover from the pandemic.
  • Play a full part in international processes including the G20’s Common Framework, granting requests for debt relief through this process.  
  • If countries can’t pay, don’t force them to by taking them to court. 


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