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Campaigns toolkit

Download resources to help your campaigning with Christian Aid have even more impact.

Want to take action with Christian Aid, but not sure where to start?

These resources will help you think through how you and your church can create effective, impactful campaigns to bring about justice with our global neighbours.

Use them to:

  • learn more about running a campaign action
  • get more people involved
  • learn how to work with your local politician 
  • support one of Christian Aid’s campaigns, or even start your own
Christian Aid's campaigns

Download the campaigns toolkit

Campaigning with Craftivism

Find out how to incorporate Craftivism as useful tool in your activism toolkit alongside other tactics.

Campaigning with your local politician

Discover how to campaign with your local politician to help transform the systems and structures that keep people poor.

Inviting others to campaign

Explore ways to help you encourage your church and community to get involved in your campaigning.

Next steps for your campaign

Use this guide to build on campaign actions and make your campaigning with Christian Aid go further.

Running a campaign action

Learn how to put pressure on decision-makers and help make your campaign actions as impactful as possible.