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Women receiving hygiene packs, Nigeria

Jerry Clinton

Building Back with Justice campaign toolkit

As we look towards life with coronavirus and contemplate a ‘new normal’ - how might the love of God guide us in our choices and our actions?

Coronavirus impacts all of us. But love unites us all.

In response to coronavirus, churches have adapted and continued to love and serve their communities. People like you have found new ways to be a light in the darkness for your neighbours. Although church buildings have been closed, the role of the church has never been more important.  

We cannot waste this opportunity to reshape our world and reimagine a future that is built upon the intrinsic God-given worth of everyone as a foundation.

Now, we each face the questions:

  • How can we build back after coronavirus? And how can we take this chance to build a world with justice at its heart?
  • How do we embody the values of Christ’s kingdom? And how can we use this opportunity to mend an already broken world?
  • What is our role as Christians and as the church?

We invite you to explore the articles and resources below as we discern these crucial questions together.

Campaign toolkit

Discern with us what it will mean to build back with justice after Covid-19. Get stuck into our long read blog, briefing and discussion guide:

Long read

A deep dive into how Covid-19 has highlighted deep global inequalities, and how activism can help restore justice.

Building Back with Justice: campaign briefing

Building Back with Justice: discussion guide

Find out more

Read our full analysis of the impacts of Covid-19 and proposed solutions in our report: Building back with justice