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A picture of Revd Sam Wells at a church pulpit.

The reason I've spent most of my ministry close to those experiencing poverty, and that my church, St Martin-in-the-Fields, is synonymous with addressing aspects of poverty is that Jesus spent so much of his ministry alongside those in a similar state. His words 'The poor will always be with you' to me mean, 'You will always be with the poor.' I wish I'd had a course like this long ago when I started out; I'm delighted to have it now, so thoughtfully crafted and empowering for all who participate.

- Revd Sam Wells.

Christian Aid exists to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. We believe that poverty is not inevitable. We can make a difference.

Christian Aid has teamed up with partner organisations across the UK to empower churches to act on poverty in 2024.

We'll provide resources to help you and your church gain a deeper understanding of experiences of poverty and enable you to act in the run up to next year's general election.

It all starts with our 'Act on Poverty' Lent course.

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New Lent course for 2024

With our partner organisations we have produced a series of six resource packs for small groups. Your church can use these for an Act on Poverty Lent Course in 2024.

We’re working with the Baptist Union, Methodist Church, United Reformed Church, Church Action on Poverty, The Trussell Trust, and others. Together we’ll enable churches and individuals UK-wide to gain a deeper understanding of experiences of poverty, local and global. We’ll be sharing stories of faith and activism that challenge the status quo. And we’ll be offering inspiration for actions big and small that we can all take to tackle poverty together.

Each pack contains:

  • Guidance for a short Bible study
  • Access to audio recordings of conversations featuring anti-poverty practitioners and activists, many with lived experience of poverty in the UK and worldwide
  • Questions and prompts for small group discussion
  • Inspiring videos from churches taking practical action on poverty
  • A guide to simple steps your church can take to advocate for change

You can also use each pack as a standalone session to explore the issues most relevant for you.

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Act on Poverty

An overview of what to expect from our 2024 Lent resources.

When people say that religion & politics don't mix, I wonder which Bible it is they're reading.

- Revd Desmond Tutu.
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