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Campaign for change

Change the systems that keep people in poverty

At Christian Aid we believe that poverty in a world of plenty is a scandal. But we also believe in a story that brings hope.

We believe that every person is made in the image of God, steeped in inherent dignity and worth. And this bigger story is one that unites people in mutual support and respect. A story that resists exploitation; that helps us to build a world where all can flourish.

Although progress has been made on many fronts in tackling poverty, too many people – especially women and girls – are still being left behind.  Unjust economic systems, favour the rich and powerful and grow the gap between those who hoard the world’s wealth and those who are struggling to get by. As a result there are still millions of people living in extreme poverty without their basic rights fulfilled.

The rising climate crisis is only making matters worse by hurting the most vulnerable hardest. Climate breakdown is both a cause and effect of gross inequality. Our broken economic system is driving an unquenchable thirst for more, and resulting in violent abuse of our planet and its people. But the solutions we need already exist, and we know that another world is possible.

That’s why we campaign for change.

Demand a New Deal for Climate Justice.

How you can get involved

We’re building a world free from poverty and based on dignity justice and love. Be part of the global movement for change.

Campaigning for climate justice

The urgency of the climate crisis has never been greater, but the movement to stop it has never been stronger.

Campaigns toolkit

We have a toolkit of resources to help you take your campaigning to the next level.

Demand a New Deal for Climate Justice

Sign our petition to the Prime Minister.

Tax Justice

After many years of campaigning for greater transparency in the UK’s tax havens, in 2018 The UK Parliament agreed to publish full and transparent registers of who owns the businesses registered in the British Overseas territories. Vodafone also promised to publish its profits made and tax paid in every country - data which was previously shrouded in secrecy.


Two-thirds of people forced from home are still in their own country. Seeking safety but unwilling or unable to leave, they are often the most vulnerable of all people who have been forcibly displaced, and left out of responses to support refugees. We campaigned for greater recognition of the problem and better support for people who had been uprooted and overlooked. The UK government joined our call for a high level panel at the UN to better respond to the problem.

Economic Justice

We were instrumental in the Fairtrade movement, setting up the Fairtrade Foundation and getting unfair trade rules on the agenda. We were part of the Drop the Debt campaign which saw millions of pounds of unjust debt from poor countries owed to rich countries written off.

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