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Side by Side exhibition

Side by Side

Faith in Gender justice

Gender inequality violates human rights and keeps people in poverty.

Side by Side is a growing global movement of people of faith who want to see gender justice become a reality across the world. In Scotland the vision is to shine a light on the challenges that faith communities face when working towards gender justice.

Side by Side highlights the innovative tools and approaches which faith communities have used to ensure gender justice becomes a reality.

'Faith in Gender Justice' is a new exhibition from Side by Side, showcasing the role women have played in breaking the silence and becoming messengers of hope.

Gender Justice
Explore the ways you can campaign for gender justice.
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If you are interested in joining this movement, or hosting the 'Faith in Gender Justice' exhibition please get in touch with Side by Side.

Loving One Another

This biblical resource, written in collaboration with Scottish Episcopal Church, addresses gender-based violence globally, locally and personally.

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