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Preparing for COP

COP26 comes to Glasgow!

Standing together for climate justice

Our planet is heating up. This means more extreme climate events, rising sea levels and critical threats to human life. We have the power to stop this climate crisis. The world will be watching as COP26 comes to Glasgow in November. We’ve worked for years to create an ambitious Climate bill in Scotland. Now, we’ll be standing together with the global community to ensure the UK Government responds urgently to the global climate emergency.

What is COP26?

COP26 is the 26th meeting of world leaders at the UN climate change talks. The conference has been described as the most important gathering on climate change since the Paris agreement was signed in 2015. For many, these UN climate talks remain the best, and only, global platform to build consensus on climate action and climate justice. 

Why Glasgow?

In the 19th century, after hundreds of years of ship building, our Dear Green Place became a heartland of industrialisation. But as Glasgow’s wealth increased, so did its poverty. From inequality rose up a people who are unafraid to speak truth to power – wherever it sits.

Just like the world’s oceans, the river Clyde is rising. And so are we.

COP26 in Glasgow – what’s the plan?

After being postponed from November 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, COP26 is due to take place in the first two weeks of November 2021. At the moment, we are still planning for some sort of conference to take place this year. Although the pandemic situation in the UK is hopefully improving enough to make gathering possible, there is still some uncertainty about what travel restrictions will be in place at the end of the year.

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Get ready for COP26


We are hoping that some mass mobilisation in Glasgow will go ahead. But we are also planning for regional actions which people around the UK can join locally in case long distance travel and accommodation is still difficult.

Global voices

One of the key characteristics of the COP conferences is that people from all over the world are represented, both in official delegations and from civil society. A crucial element of achieving climate justice is involving those most affected by the crisis in the decisions taken to resolve it. Due to huge global inequality, it is unlikely that people from the global south will be vaccinated against coronavirus before November 2021. We’re part of the campaign for a people’s vaccine to ensure that people around the world have access to the vaccine. But achieving global vaccination will take time.

Therefore, there may therefore be limits on who can travel to the UK. A COP which only features delegates from rich countries would be a huge injustice and would undermine the COP process. An alternative to move some of the negotiations online also disadvantages those nations where internet connectivity is not as reliable, and likely shuts out many civil society voices.

As a result, there is still some uncertainty that COP26 can go ahead at all. Although progress must be made on climate justice this year, we believe that a COP without the voices of the most affected would be a disaster.

Save the date

The main day of action for civil society will be 6 November.

If you’re keen to be involved in activity for COP26, please save the date. We will keep you updated on the latest plans as soon as we can.

Take action
Whatever happens with the conference this year, progress on climate justice is essential.
Please take action now.

Prayer Chain

Join our chain of prayer for climate justice.
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Climate justice petition

Call on the UK government to put climate justice at the heart of their decisions in this crucial year

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