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Together we are powerful

‘Power’ - a word so laden with nuance that sometimes we lose sight of what it’s for. Power can be stored up or shared out. It can push us on or hold us back. It can be placed on a pedestal, treated as the ultimate target, given more authority than it deserves. It can be the absolute corrupter undermining compassion. Or it can be a force for good, reaching across barriers of religion, ethnicity or nationality.

Power is a place of energy. But when that place is seized and heavily fortified, when the sole ambition of those who have it is to keep it, the space becomes riddled with small defended corners and large barren gaps where people fall. Our role - the role of people of good faith - is to hold power to account in our own lives and in the lives of those in authority.

This Autumn, let’s share the power. On 25 August joined with the Church of Scotland Moderator, the Very Reverend Susan Brown, on a Power Walk at Whitelee Wind Farm. We travelled and talked, learned and dreamed together about how we can unleash the power of renewable energy. Full details of this and all our events are on the events page 

Let’s unleash the power! Our global sisters and brothers are proud of the strong efforts Scotland has made to combat climate change. But, they are calling on us to push our MSPs for even more ambitious climate targets. Join us in calling on our MSPs in person and through our e-action 

Let’s harness the power. Across our planet home, our neighbours are using renewable power to change their lives and our shared future. This Harvest, our focus is on a project that encompasses Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Honduras and Malawi. Women’s groups are opening solar shops and developing business skills in their communities. Together, they are offering energy, light, water and sustainable hope. Find out more about these powerful women this harvest. This appeal will receive match-funding from the EU.  

Together we are powerful. When we stand together, when we recognise each other as part of an intricate, interdependent whole, we find common ground which all can nurture. When we channel our combined energy, power finds its best purpose for all. 

Sally Foster-Fulton
Head of Christian Aid Scotland

The latest news from Christian Aid Scotland

16 October 2018

23 July 2018

07 June 2018

Email your MSPs today for a strong Scottish Climate Change Act.

15 March 2018

Christian Aid is responding to urgent humanitarian need in the Kasai District of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with funding from the Scottish Government’s new Humanitarian Emergency Fund.

16 February 2018

It wouldn't be Christian Aid Week without them.

31 January 2018

Christian Aid boosts Zambian farmers with new project.

27 September 2017

Read about Christian Aid Scotland's new project with the Scottish Government and partners to empower women and marginalised agricultural communities in Zambia.