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Charting the journey from remembrance to peace

Remembering and waiting, grief and hope, and the bridge between them. How arduous and essential a journey!

Our seasons of Remembrance and of Advent converge and they have so much to say to each other. So much to say about the staggering cost of violence; so much to contribute to the price paid for peace. Throughout the world, we have seen over and over again what war and hatred offer – in Syria and Yemen, in Myanmar, in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, as well as in corners of our planet home where the light rarely shines on the suffering violence causes. Christian Aid’s work in over 40 countries calls us to be peace-builders, to stand together with our sisters and brothers.

When we enter a time of gathered remembrance, what do we call to mind? The pain, the sorrow, the horror of losing those who were loved, the wastefulness of the world losing them.

We recall the gifts they gave, the loved they shared and the laughter and lessons their life, however brief and broken, gave the world. The loss of that one life is a loss to all life. If we are to remember honourably, then our remembrance must expose violence as a violation of our humanity, a collective failure and a scandalous cost.

As we enter a time of gathered remembrance, let’s call to mind those who have built peace in the face of hatred, fear and anger. Let’s bring their lessons to bear on our day to day. This Advent, as we build the bridge from grief to hope, may the Prince of Peace call us to our right mind.

When peace lies in pieces  – a new Christmas Carol from Christian Aid Scotland. Sally Foster-Fulton has adapted the well-known carol Child in a manger to create a hymn to inspire peacemakers in Scotland and around the world.

Sally Foster-Fulton

Head of Christian Aid Scotland

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