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The View From Here

We are symbolically walking the bridge – Lent to Holy Week to Easter. We are walking from a time of reflection towards repentance and on to resurrection. 

Our Easter story takes us on a journey, while the liturgical year echoes and embodies it. As we follow Jesus into the desert, we reflect on our path and how our footsteps cross or join or trample on others. When we step into Holy Week, we watch as Jesus enters in peace and calls for justice, while the powers that be ride in ready to defeat and control. We learn that there is a cost involved in standing up for others and a price to be paid for our thirty pieces of silver.

Only then, only when we walk that path together, can we begin to understand the power of love that firmly places others first. This is a love that sees itself as part of a beautiful whole; love that flows out and finds the tiniest spaces to inhabit until it fills every corner.

The love we celebrate in the resurrection is hard-won. It takes courage and conviction. It asks us to say no to 'might makes right' and yes to a love that sets all people free. Love's justice asks us to debunk the myth that you can buy happiness, by exposing the misery which that worldview has caused to the most vulnerable. It asks us to stand together with our sisters and brothers and be the body of Christ: resurrected, resilient and rising up to the challenges in our shared world.

Over the coming weeks ministers, mums and moderators – and many more supporters - will be literally walking across bridges towards Christian Aid Week. Thank you for all the planning, fundraising and awareness building you’re doing just now to prepare for this, the biggest event in Christian Aid’s calendar. May we support and encourage each other in our work as a global community, in giving, acting and praying for an Easter world where all live fully.

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07 June 2018

Email your MSPs today for a strong Scottish Climate Change Act.

15 March 2018

Christian Aid is responding to urgent humanitarian need in the Kasai District of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with funding from the Scottish Government’s new Humanitarian Emergency Fund.