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More than a moment

Thank you for knocking on doors, walking across bridges, getting up early and joining friends for a Big Brekkie. Thank you for holding book sales and coffee mornings, silent auctions and big sings. Thank you all, across Scotland, for making Christian Aid Week more than a moment, more than a date in the church diary, but part of a global movement for justice and a living witness to the almighty power of people!

I have been so inspired by the energy and commitment of the Christian Aid family that I am emboldened to ask for even more – cheeky, I know, but what are families for!?!

Let’s continue to explore small ways we can make a move
, take a stand, plant a seed or an idea
. Let’s consider how we can live out love for global sisters and brothers through sustainable changes in our own lifestyles.

There are so many miles between us; yet the world is a tiny, fragile, inter-related neighbourhood. We can send a message spinning across the globe and share it with millions in an instant; yet there is so much internal noise and so much external squabble and debate that it is hard to hear the sidelined voice which says, ‘Excuse me, I’m here too.’ We have sophisticated systems and networks - transport, government, education and health service; yet people fall through cracks caused by this very same infrastructure because it is designed with the winners in mind. Globally, many of our neighbours struggle to maintain or grow any infrastructure because climate chaos washes progress away, tax avoidance and debt strip their assets, and social norms push the most marginalised even further to the side-lines.

So family, let’s roll up our sleeves and keep working, keep walking together and raising our voices in an ever-growing chorus. Christian Aid is more than a moment. It is a movement and we are all part of it. Thank you for walking with us.

The latest news from Christian Aid Scotland