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Build hope for Christmas

Doesn’t life feel complicated sometimes?

Even as you read this blog, lots of issues will be floating around in the back of your head. Like little icebergs, gently knocking against each other. Some days the world feels big, the answers frozen in uncertainty.

In many ways, the Christmas story is not a simple one. Set against a backdrop of immigration and political unrest, it is the story of a people whose hope for salvation and safety was growing ever more remote. They longed for a Messiah, but instead they found a child – a Prince of Peace would lead them. If Jesus was the answer, perhaps they were asking the wrong questions. Perhaps hope, after all, was not a victory march but a small, whispered Hallelujah. Love walked ahead, tiny step by tiny step.

And so when the world feels big, when climate change and vaccines and unemployment and food scarcity seem overwhelming, we take a step. Step by step, love builds hope.

Love speaks up. We are thrilled at the news of a vaccine and we’ll keep asking governments to make sure that a vaccine is made freely and equally available to all.

Love shows up. When the Christian Aid Group in St Andrews and St George’s West Church took advantage of lightened restrictions to host an Art Sale, the Art lovers raised a phenomenal £15,000. We are so grateful.

Love takes heart. Together, we’ll keep praying that weary folk find strength to stand with heads held high, and we will treat each other with dignity and respect. We’ll keep praying and speaking out about the impact that climate change makes on people’s lives.

This Christmas, we’ll take small steps towards hope for ourselves and for our global neighbours. 

And from all the Christian Aid Scotland team this Christmas, we wish you love, hope and solidarity.


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