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What a time we are living through!

Strangely, now that I can’t go anywhere, I’ve met my neighbours. We talk across the hedge, meet on the pavement to chat (from a safe distance), drop treats off on doorsteps, clap together every Thursday night. Musicians who live on our street sit at the corner and play for us all. Our church communities ‘Zoom’ on Sundays, have virtual coffee breaks and calling programs. There are lists of people who can shop, pick up prescriptions and offer support. Physically distanced, we are still standing together.

What a Christian Aid Week this was! There may not have been house to house collections, coffee mornings, Big Brekkies or booksales, but that didn't stop you! 

Instead, you held virtual quizzes, sent e-envelopes to friends, opened JustGiving pages for your congregations, groups and communities to donate online. There were ‘at home’ sponsored challenges and so many amazingly creative and generous ideas – thank you!

At a time when we couldn’t go anywhere, you found ways to reach out to our global neighbours. COVID 19 affects us all, but love unites us. We continue to look to you for ways to fund our work and we commit to keeping you updated on the success of the digital Christian Aid Week.

As we live through one of the most challenging times in living memory, thank you for not forgetting that this pandemic, painful as it is for us, will be devastating for those already living in poverty. It will have a huge impact on livelihoods, personal safety and health. Christian Aid is already working with our partners to support vulnerable communities now and to design sustainable solutions with them for the future.

We will always find ways to stand, speak out and act together for a more equal world for everyone.

The latest news from Christian Aid Scotland

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"Over four days, my eyes were prised open and I was forced to look at a truth which we have been avoiding for far too long. I was forced to confront the issue of climate change."