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The latest news from Christian Aid Scotland, and the latest message from Sally Foster-Fulton.

Everything we do, we do together

Slowly, we are emerging from the season of Lent into the season of Easter. From a time of fasting and reflection to a joyful celebration of the Church’s call to action as the body of Christ resurrected.

Slowly, we are emerging. From dark winter days when light was scarce. From a long lock-down year when we stayed at home and tried to stay safe. From a time when some home-schooled their kids and lived on top of each other, while others self-isolated or had no choice but be isolated.

Slowly, we are emerging. We are moving into a new normal that remains to be seen and is itself emerging.

And as we emerge, we have so much to be thankful for and so much to do.

So, we say thank you to the NHS, to carers and teachers and key workers, to friends who found the most creative ways to stay in touch and to all the people who altered their ways of life to try to keep the virus contained.

We say thank you to the scientists who developed the vaccines and to those now administering them. And we look forward to gathering together, to chatting face to face and to holding each other again. Such simple things, but priceless.

COVID 19 added yet another layer of challenge on the lives of our sisters and brothers in the ‘global South’. Fragile and fractured infrastructures mean people have little or no access to soap and clean water, basic health care, and space to isolate. The vaccine roll-out has begun, but it is sporadic and struggles to reach those most vulnerable. Food insecurity and climate change challenges mean that COVID is not the only challenge, but simply another one on a long list.

Christian Aid is a global justice movement, so everything we do, we do together. In the 29 countries where we are currently working, Christian Aid partners with communities to provide simple things: food, water, shelter, sanitation. These are simple, but vital. Together, we develop practical long-term solutions such as renewable energy, training and education, and community resilience and empowerment. Together, we raise our voices as well as raising money to advocate for systemic, political change that will change the future.

And we have so much to do. In this News and Views, we look ahead to Christian Aid Week and explore how we can raise both funds and awareness.

We look ahead to the Scottish Parliamentary elections and COP26 and consider how our votes and voices can improve the lives of our global neighbours. And we look back over 75 years of Christian Aid.

On the eve of Christian Aid Week, Sunday 9 May at 6.30pm, we will be hosting an online 75th Anniversary celebration with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. We’ll celebrate what we’ve accomplished together, reflect on the issues we face today and recommit to creating a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. The promise of Easter is the call for us to a new life as part of the body of Christ. We keep standing together in dignity, equality and justice. We commit ourselves to a brighter future emerging!

Sally Foster-Fulton


This Christian Aid Week help us protect every last drop.


Stop the big banks from profiting during the pandemic. #CancelTheDebt


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