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Season of Change

We’re at that time in the year when the daylight hours, which we had longed for during winter, start to fade away. It is nature’s daily reminder to prepare for the seasons changing once again.

In Scottish towns and cities, the season of harvest might feel like a bygone tradition. But in rural communities across the world, it’s a source of joy. In our churches it’s a time to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness. It’s a time to give thanks together for both the sunshine and the rain. And it’s a time to realise the almighty power of people pulling together.

This year’s Harvest appeal focuses on an agriculture of peace – a way of life which upholds the dignity of the land and the people who work it. You may already have been introduced to Kasthuri, a Dalit from India whose life has been transformed by organic farming. If you haven’t seen the glint in her eyes from the promise of a better future for herself and her son, take a moment to read her story

I don’t know if, like me, the new start back to church and school life takes you by surprise. As the pace picks up, we tend to fall into old familiar patterns and routines. But this year, let’s make it a season for change. Be inspired by the climate campaigners, young and old, who are taking to the streets. Find out how climate change affects most those who do least to cause it at our Power Walk. Or join us for the last fundraising walk of the season at the magnificent Helix Park

And if, as the nights draw in, you remember more acutely those who no longer sit beside you, come along to our commemorative In Memory Walk.

Let’s make this a season for change. Let’s help more women like Kasthuri break free from poverty. And let’s break ourselves free from an apathy that promises – but can’t deliver - safety in the status quo. 

The latest news from Christian Aid Scotland

17 July 2019

"Over four days, my eyes were prised open and I was forced to look at a truth which we have been avoiding for far too long. I was forced to confront the issue of climate change."

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