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What are we waiting for?

As the Christian community approaches Easter through the wilderness of Lent, we pause to consider who we are and what we are waiting for.
Lent traditionally draws on the imagery of Jesus’ wander through the wilderness where ‘the angels waited on him’. As a child, this scene unsettled me. Not that Jesus had been driven out to the wilderness, but the provocative image of the angels waiting. What were they waiting for? With so much going on in the world, with so many things needing energy and attention, their waiting worried me.
My grown-up self now understands that the word ‘waiting’ means serving. The word ‘angel’ actually means ‘messenger’. My growing-up self is learning that there are things worth waiting for and things that can’t wait any longer. And the image of the waiting angels now dances with added nuance and depth.
Across the globe, our partners, sisters and brothers are calling out for justice. They do not wait passively, but are investing themselves in the transformation they need.
The development of renewable energy projects, weather early warning systems and crop diversification is changing the story in countries like Malawi and Kenya and Bolivia, where climate chaos wreaks havoc. Despite the huge challenges, these hard-hit communities are driving change.
Across the globe, over 40 million people are internally displaced, often because of conflict or climate chaos. Forced to flee their homes, they do not or cannot cross their borders and so seek safety in nearby communities.
Their new neighbours do not wait in the wings, spectating their fate. They open wide their doors and welcome them in, showing extraordinary generosity in the face of enormous challenges.
This season, let’s not wait to serve. Inspired by the action, innovation and generosity of our global community, let’s journey together. What are we waiting for?
Sally Foster-Fulton
Head of Christian Aid Scotland
If you would like to learn more about displaced people through powerful images and stories, look out for our new Uprooted exhibition.

The latest news from Christian Aid Scotland

15 March 2018

Christian Aid is responding to urgent humanitarian need in the Kasai District of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with funding from the Scottish Government’s new Humanitarian Emergency Fund.

16 February 2018

It wouldn't be Christian Aid Week without them.

31 January 2018

Christian Aid boosts Zambian farmers with new project.

28 November 2017

2018 is shaping up to be another exciting year.

23 November 2017

Our Aberdeen and Edinburgh Gatherings have been rescheduled for Thursday 15 March and Wednesday 28 March.

27 September 2017

Read about Christian Aid Scotland's new project with the Scottish Government and partners to empower women and marginalised agricultural communities in Zambia.

26 September 2017

Christian Aid Scotland is standing up to climate change. You can too, find out how in this blog.

02 August 2017

Join us in asking the First Minister to commit to a strong Climate Change Act.

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