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These days are full of confusing decisions and blustering words. But they are also days of acts of loving defiance and glimpses of what the world should be. Let’s stand together with dignity, justice and love for our world.

Recently, I was at the Scottish Parliament, participating alongside other INGOs, civic organisations, climate activists and students in an awareness-raising event ahead of debate around the Climate Bill. This debate in the Scottish Parliament came almost a week after students in Scotland and around the world filled the streets, raising their voices about the impact of climate change on all of us. In a very exciting shift, young people are leading the way.

The Thunberg Effect is a living, breathing, inspiring and challenging example of what is possible when people are informed and empowered; what can happen when we are encouraged to explore and unpack and participate in the complex ‘whys’ of social justice, rather than focusing only on the ‘what’. Seeds are being planted for the long-term. Children are growing into the kind of adults we still aspire to be when, or if, we grow up.

What does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Empathy and compassion are deeply human and intensely valuable characteristics to nurture, but we are compelled not only to love but also to act justly. If our response to poverty and need is fuelled only by feeling sorry for those who have less then we have missed an opportunity to be part of God’s vision for this world and those who live in it.

The root causes of poverty run deep. Fair trade, climate change, gender imbalance and unequal economic structures drive poverty. They are root causes which need to be unearthed. Activism calls for a consistent response to those causes. And that response must be one that evolves and engages others, finds partners, looks for answers and challenges the status quo. By coupling fundraising with awareness-raising, we move from generosity to justice.

Even in these days of change and uncertainty, we need to remain vigilant to the reasons behind persistent poverty. Keep being generous and compassionate in the face of immediate need. But remember that change takes time as well as small, consistent, bold choices.

Sally Foster Fulton

sally foster fulton

The latest news from Christian Aid Scotland

08 October 2019

17 July 2019

"Over four days, my eyes were prised open and I was forced to look at a truth which we have been avoiding for far too long. I was forced to confront the issue of climate change."

27 February 2019