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Spring into Action

While we shivered and wrapped up, rushed out into dark mornings and returned home under brooding skies, life beneath us began to stir. Now, as we ease into Spring, with lighter, longer days and weather that urges off the winter layers, life beneath makes its way to meet us. There is growth in the garden and birth in the fields.


Spring into action! That’s the call, but the global Christian Aid community, of which we are all a part, is never dormant. Thanks to an incredible response to the 2018 Harvest appeal, the ‘Breaking the Barriers’ project in Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Malawi and Honduras, raised over one million pounds. This investment in powerful women and their communities is transforming lives across our global neighbourhood. As we spring into action, the seeds we have planted together are taking root and growing!

Over the next few months, other issues are growing that need Scotland’s nurture, energy and action. The Climate Bill is live in the Scottish Parliament. Through our combined and consistent commitment to climate justice, Scotland can be a leading light. Join us in pushing the Scottish government to aim for bolder and more ambitious targets. 

Spring into action by living out your commitment to easing the impact of climate change through your choices. Walk rather than drive, decrease your dependence on plastic; small changes by a large number of people cannot be underestimated.

On 18 of March, we will launch the Salt Business Network in Scotland. Salt is dedicated to encouraging and resourcing business leaders to bring their faith to bear on the way they do business. Growing ethical practices, learning from each other and nurturing actions that lead to ways of working that feed a sustainable and equitable economy. Spring into action and join Salt

And if you can’t stand still while people live in poverty, come, cross a bridge and help build bridges to a future free from poverty. This year, the Christian Aid Bridge Cross Challenge on 11 May, will launch Christian Aid Week 2019. Don’t miss the opportunity to share in our walk towards a better future. 

Springing into action is a living metaphor and lesson – if we choose to get moving and learn. Join the global movement, stand and walk and work together!

Sally Foster-Fulton

Head of Christian Aid Scotland

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Email your MSPs today for a strong Scottish Climate Change Act.

15 March 2018

Christian Aid is responding to urgent humanitarian need in the Kasai District of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with funding from the Scottish Government’s new Humanitarian Emergency Fund.