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week of action

Global Climate Strike and Week of Action

20-27 September 2019

Christian Aid Scotland staff will be taking part in the Global Climate Strike on 20 September 2019.
Find out how you can join us on the streets or from your desk.

Take Part

Find out how to organise your workplace on the Global Climate Strikes website

Join us at the Glasgow strike

Join us at the Edinburgh strike

Join the Aberdeen strike

Find your local strike


Young people have woken up much of the world with their powerful Fridays for Future school strikes for the climate. 

The world is dealing with devastating climate breakdown and hurtling towards dangerous tipping points. Young people are calling on millions of us to join the global climate strikes in September, just ahead of a UN emergency climate summit. Christian Aid stands in solidarity with those impacted by climate change and alongside the worldwide youth strike movement. You can read our full position here.

On Friday 20 September, a global strike will be held in hundreds of towns and cities worldwide, including at a dozen locations in Scotland

Will you stand together with Christian Aid Scotland?
People in the communities where Christian Aid works have faced the realities of the climate crisis for many years. We stand in solidarity with them to campaign for the big system changes needed to turn the crisis around.

global climate strike

Volunteer to be a Steward

Could you be a steward at a climate march? We are looking for over 18s to steward the climate marches in Edinburgh and Glasgow on Friday 20 September. To sign up to take part email

Bring the strike to school

If you can’t leave school to strike, bring the strike to school. We will provide an assembly outline for schools who would like to express concern for the environment during the school day on 20 September.
This will be available from 10 September at

Week of Action

The Global Climate Strike is the just the start of a week of action. Keep up to date with plans in Scotland via the Scottish Youth Climate Strike website.

Important small print

Young people under the age of 18 who wish to demonstrate their concern by joining the strike must obtain parental permission. We would remind parents that they assume responsibility for the safety of their children when not in school. Please note that the Global Climate Strike is a mass event within a public space. Anyone joining the strike does so at their own risk.

Last chance to fix Scotland’s climate law
On Wednesday 25 September, your MSPs will vote for the last time on the Climate Change Bill. How they vote will make all the difference to what Scotland does from now on to tackle the climate emergency.

"Over four days, my eyes were prised open and I was forced to look at a truth which we have been avoiding for far too long. I was forced to confront the issue of climate change."
Our Fumes or Futures resource pack and game looks at the issue of climate change and the need to embrace clean energy.
Fumes or Futures schools resource