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 ‘Get Your Skates On’ is an eye-catching, dynamic piece of art which illustrates the need for urgent action in the face of climate change.  

The portrait by I.D. Campbell was commissioned by Christian Aid and Eco-Congregation Scotland.

Scottish painting - "The skating minister"

The Skating Minister by Henry Raeburn

This modern re-imagining of Henry Raeburn’s ‘The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch’ features two young Scottish climate strikers skateboarding past the Scottish Parliament building.  

Young climate activists

‘Get Your Skates On’ explores the relationship between individuals and governments, and the urgent need to work together in order to achieve climate justice for all.

Glasgow Cathedral protest art
Protest Art COP26

Signing the Protest Art

Faith leaders, politicians and decision makers have signed the reverse of the large painting as a signal of their commitment to take urgent action on climate justice.

Pictured here is Bishop Mark Strange signing the protest art.

We call on the Scottish Government to:

  • Get your skates on with a credible plan to catch up on annual climate targets
  • Put the brakes on the proposed oil field at Cambo
  • Encourage others to get their skates on by sharing our positive contributions to climate justice.

Attendees at a COP26 service in Glasgow Cathedral were invited to sign the back of the portrait as a pledge of their commitment to those on the frontline of the climate crisis.
We invite you to add your signature too.

ID Campbell, glasgow artist, Standing next to one of his works of art

Art makes people curious. It helps them to ask questions and talk further. We need to welcome people into a serious conversation about climate change and to encourage each other to get our skates on.

- ID Campell, Iain Campbell is a Glasgow-based portrait painter. .

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