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Christian Aid Week in Scotland

Love never fails. Coronavirus impacts all of us. But love unites us all.

Christian Aid Week 2020 is going online! You’ll find lots of resources to share with your church, your community and neighbours this week and in the weeks to come.
We’ve got short reflections from Scotland staff, news from Nigeria and a song to inspire you to give, act and pray.

Christian Aid Scotland Quiz

Are you an egghead or an airhead? Get your grey cells active with the big Scotland Quiz!

Martin Fair, the new moderator of the Church of Scotland, will host the Christian Aid Week Quiz on Saturday 16 May. Join us at 8pm for a live quiz on Martin's Facebook page:

Church Resources

Stuck for global content for your online service? Here’s a whole suite from our staff.

Fundraising Resources

All our sofa fundraising resources can be found here. 

Don't be a stranger

Christian Aid Week will be a bit different this year. But we know you’ll still get the bunting out and be as enthusiastic as ever! Let us know what you’ve got up to this for Christian Aid. You can post to our social media or send an email to

Thank You

Your generosity during Christian Aid Week 2019 made all the difference to this community in Sierra Leone.