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By making farming a sustainable livelihood, you can help to change lives.

In Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world, we’re working to reduce malnutrition and support sustainable, resilient food production.

How the project works

With training and specialist support, farmers can reach new markets with high-quality produce – and earn a fair price.

We will work with farmer-run cooperatives who produce coffee, sustainable palm oil and sunflower oil. Using solar-powered processing stations will increase their profits and provide renewable energy for the local community.

Female farmers will receive specialist support to increase their incomes and establish micro-enterprises powered by renewable energy. The project will also help to safeguard the health and nutrition of women and their children.

The Isle of Man Government has generously agreed to fund 90% of the project. Please add your gift, and help up reach the target.

How we're helping

Thousands of people will benefit from the project in different ways. Here are just a few examples.

With your help, we can:

  • Equip a solar-powered coffee processing station
  • Provide training for over 1,600 female farmers to produce their own high-quality coffee
  • Support 18 cooperatives on management and marketing, benefiting over 4,000 coffee farmers
  • Establish a women’s cooperative for sunflower farmers, to get them better access to market and fairer prices

Will you send a gift today? Help women in Burundi to earn their way out from poverty. 

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Thare Machi Education
Our partner Thare Machi Education is helping women spread health and wellbeing messages in Burundi.
Two smiling women, Burundi