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Three Legs Burundi Beekeeping Appeal

The Isle of Man is helped to train African farmers in modern beekeeping methods, so they can build a new livelihood for themselves.

Beekeeping in Burundi has been practised for generations but using very simple methods. The Central African country has ideal conditions for beekeeping, and modern apiculture techniques offer a unique opportunity to help these communities to look after their native bees, for women to learn economically important skills, to help develop a new food source, and build a livelihood selling honey, wax and other valuable products. 

The Burundi Beekeeping Project

With the help of Manx supporter enabled Christian Aid and our partners, created and organised cooperatives which helped individual producers to pool their resources, share knowledge and market their produce. It also improved agricultural outputs and secured more income for beekeeping families.

Utilising Manx expertise

Harry Owen is one of Man's leading bee experts. As part of a Christian Aid project, he's helped over 300 women and men from rural Burundi to develop their skills as beekeepers. 

Harry taught local producers in Burundi bee-keeping skills, showing them how to make hives and honey-presses. They can even use old mosquito netting to make their own protective clothing.

We've been really excited to get behind this project and support Harry. We've shipped out around £3,000 of beekeeping equipment. We're supporting through giving, through Harry going... and there's going to be a lot of people on the island praying for Harry.

- David Roberts, President of the Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation..