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Burundi Sunflower project

Isle of Man Projects

Find out more about what the incredible generosity of the Manx people has achieved over the years.

Supporting sunflower farmers to get the best price

With support of individuals, organisations and churches across the Isle of Man we established a women’s cooperative for sunflower farmers in Burundi, to get them better access to market and fairer prices. These sunflower farmers are now connected to sunflower oil processors, have increased the price of seeds, have improved agricultural techniques and are more resilient to climate change.

Promoting community health and empowerment

Your support also enabled us to work with communities in Burundi to promote community health, with a focus on women’s empowerment and positive masculinity. With your help we were able to spread health and wellbeing education throughout the world's poorest communities using the simplest of methods: portable DVD players, interactive health DVD's, bicycles and online training messages such as basic first aid.

I am delighted to be Community Health Volunteer in my community of Mayango zone, I am passionate to change my community. I will reach more women and men in and change their mind set in increasing their knowledge of different diseases and ways to prevent them and DVD and solar projector with increase the possibility to deliver the topics.

- Edith Niyonzima, Community Health Volunteer.

Burundi community health volunteer