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Burundi partners working with agricultural students

Christian Aid Burundi

Christian Aid Week 2021

Tackling youth unemployment through agriculture.

During Christian Aid Week 2021, support from the Isle of Man will benefit unemployed young people in Burundi by providing agricultural education, tools and support, to create profitable agribusinesses and sustainable, thriving livelihoods.

In Burundi, 27.7% of young people, up to the age of 35 years old are unemployed. Unemployment fuels frustration and unrest, putting young people at risk of exploitation, political manipulation and economic migration.

This year’s Christian Aid Week project is a pilot project, working with 150 young people in Rumonge (South Burundi). The project is a youth0led agricultural initiative, providing irrigation, basic agricultural equipment and hybrid greenhouse/polytunnels, growing edible crops including onions, tomatoes & aubergines. After being trained by our local partners, a cooperative will be formed, enabling the beneficiaries to enhance benefits and profits from working together.

We will also provide business support, training and saving and loan schemes to enable these young people to build successful and thriving enterprises. The project also focuses strongly on gender equality, aiming to educate directly and indirectly, the wider community.

This is a gem of a project - by supporting this project, Manx supporters will be  gifting these young people a powerful and precious life changing opportunity, which would not otherwise be possible.

To find out more about the project and how you can get involved please get in touch - 

Contact: Louise Whitelegg

Email: / 

Phone:  07624 474275.