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A group of people in a church hall serve themselves from a community buffet

At work

It doesn’t matter how big or small your workplace is. Bring everyone together at work for some fundraising fun, and help some of the world’s poorest communities lift themselves out of poverty.

Here are some ideas for fundraising at work:

  • Take the stairs! If you work in a tall building, ask for sponsorship to take the stairs everyday for a week. Or make the lift out of bounds for a day and charge colleagues for using the lift rather than the stairs.
  • Guess the baby! Ask your colleagues to bring in baby photos. Pin them on a board and ask for donations to guess who is who.
  • Games of childhood! Compete to be the fastest Rubik’s Cuber, the fastest on a Space Hopper or the steadiest hand for Operation. Charge an entry fee to join the gaming fun and offer a prize to the winner.
  • ‘Back to your youth’ dress down! Come to work dressed in what you wore when you were 16. Everyone will be getting out those platforms, tank tops, shoulder pads and leg warmers to have a laugh at those youth fashion fads.