A group of young students in Nepal stand in a line against a school

As a kind supporter of Christian Aid, you’ve helped save lives before, during and after times of disaster - thank you!

Before. During. After.

Man holding a spirit level to a wall during construction of a new home in Haiti

Before: Preparing for the worst

Your gifts are helping to build Earthquake resistant homes in Haiti. More than 700 homes have been built so far.

A woman holds out a hygiene kit she has just collected following Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

During: Responding within hours

Your kindness helps to provide immediate aid in a disaster. 1,500 hygiene kits were distributed during Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Two school children wash their hands in fresh water under a new tap installed at their school in Nepal

After: Rebuilding for the future

Your gifts have helped to rebuild schools after the Nepal earthquake - allowing more than 1.5 million children go back to school.

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