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Isle of Man past appeals

Past appeals

Find out about previous Christian Aid Week appeals you have supported on the Isle of Man.
Emergency response in Haiti

On 4 October 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck southern Haiti, taking over 500 lives and leaving over one million people in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

The generosity of the Isle of Man Government and churches provided 97 families with assistance and materials to repair their homes. Your donations also helped provide clean water access to 118 families, as well as cash grants for food and other urgent supplies to 107 households.

rebuilding a home after Hurricane Matthew
You've helped rebuild homes in Haiti.
Beekeepers in Kenya

The generosity of Christian Aid Week supporters and the Isle of Man Government’s small grants funding scheme has helped to support rural beekeepers like Ndambu. He received training and support to increase his honey yields and receive a fair price for his crops.

You’ve helped provide training for over 3,500 beekeepers on improved honey production and helped to create four honey cooperatives where small-scale beekeepers can sell their products.

Fishing communities in Sierra Leone

Isle of Man Government support in the Sherbro Basin in Sierra Leone has helped 300 fishermen and women to increase their incomes and support their families.

With increased income, the group members will be able to send their children to school.

Cookstoves in Mali

Through funds raised by our Christian Aid Week Appeal in 2015, and matched by the Isle of Man Government’s small grants scheme, we helped train 220 women to make and sell fuel-efficient cookstoves.

As well as providing a source of income for the female potters, the project also provided 480 households with access to an improved cookstove, reducing the time required to collect firewood and ensuring a cleaner, safer way for families to prepare meals and heat their homes.

Cookstoves in Mali - Isle of Man Christian Aid Week
Through funds raised from Christian Aid Week Appeal in 2015, we helped train 220 women to make and sell fuel-efficient cookstoves.
You’re also helping to support…
Education for children with disabilities in Zimbabwe

Your donations are currently being used to support 1,020 children living with disabilities to go to school and improve their quality of life. Your Christian Aid Week donations from 2017 are helping to buy disability aids, including wheelchairs and hearing aids. We’re also training and supporting schools to educate pupils with disabilities.

Renewable energy and gender empowerment in Burundi

In an exciting partnership with the Isle of Man Government’s International Development Partnerships scheme, and with support from churches and individuals in the Isle of Man, this project will increase the incomes and financial security of around 6,400 poor and marginalised farmers across five districts in Burundi.

The project will increase the incomes of poor, rural farmers by addressing Sustainable Development Goals around Affordable and clean energy and Life on land, while championing the Sustainable Development Goal on Gender equality across all project activities and providing health support and assistance to rural women and children.

Jacqueline, a sunflower seed and vegetable farmer from Burundi, stands among long grass
Jacqueline, a sunflower farmer in Burundi. You're helping women farmers to help themselves.