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Abzetta and baby Noel in Burkina Faso

Your kindness means so much

You can help to feed families around the world


You’d be surprised how much a simple gift can do.

When we first met Abzetta and baby Noel in Burkina Faso, he was malnourished and weak. Abzetta desperately wanted the best for her son, but didn’t know how best to feed him with the little money she had.

She was 19, and trying to raise her child in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Because of generous gifts from people like you, we could show Abzetta how to make a nutritious porridge for Noel. Community health visitors provided hygiene training, and supported Abzetta with regular visits to ensure that Noel grows up healthy.

All simple things, given with love and care. You can help to put mums and their little ones on a path to health. Help us to transform more lives around the world. 

Your kindness can help another family

A gift of £10 could help provide life-saving food.

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