Farmer in Malawi stands in front of his pigeon pea crop

Like many farmers in Malawi, Frank is pinning his hopes on a very special crop - pigeon peas.

This hardy crop is ideal for Malawi’s dry soil. Its deep roots are resistant to drought and can withstand the country’s increasing and destructive flash flooding.

But no matter how hard Frank works on his crops, he can’t escape a life of grinding poverty. Unscrupulous middlemen are exploiting farmers by using illegal buying scales to drive down prices.

It’s not enough to be good at farming. To survive, you must be good at business too.

As a Christian Aid Direct project, your donations will go directly to helping farmers in Malawi. We'll also provide you with regular updates about this project and the people you're supporting.

Support farmers like Frank

Will you help us give business training and resources to farmers like Frank so they can make a healthy profit from pigeon peas?

How can this project help farmers in Malawi?

Through this project, our partner is bringing pea farmers in Malawi together into Farmer’s Clubs, where they support each other and get trained to negotiate fair prices for their crops.

Something so simple is making an incredible difference. Through the Farmer’s Clubs, we’ve already helped 5,000 farmers to realise their God-given potential, to secure a stable income and thrive.

By supporting this project, we can continue to provide farmers in Malawi with:

  • Bags of pigeons peas - just one 5kg bag is enough to plant more than an acre
  • Fertiliser, pesticides and farming tools
  • Bicycles - so experienced farmers can travel to remote farms and teach business skills
  • Business training sessions to develop essential negotiation skills
  • Access to Farmer's Clubs

Malawi project update

Thanks to the generosity of Christian Aid supporters, the lives of farmers involved in this project are already changing for the better. 

  • Local farmers have begun establishing special Farmers’ Clubs, helping them negotiate higher prices for their crops by cutting out middle men.
  • Farmers are now able to sell their pigeon peas for four times the price.
  • The project has also secured the support of local councillors, who are helping farmers to improve links in the supply chain. For example, by supporting them when decisions are made by the council and helping them distribute seeds to other farmers when their crops reach maturity.

These are great results, improving the lives of thousands of farmers and their families, and giving real hope to them for the future. We look forward to providing more updates soon.

Frank is showing his children his phone outside his home in Malawi.

Frank Zulu

Frank confronts the devastating reality of climate change every year.

He relies on growing maize to feed his family but flash floods and droughts cause the crop to easily fail.

Pigeon peas are resilient to Malawi’s extreme climate, giving poor farmers like Frank hope for a better future. But sadly, Frank hasn’t been able to make a profit from his peas due to unscrupulous middlemen.

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