Two young children sit at a coffee table doing their homework in Kenya

Across Kenya, orphans and children affected by HIV and AIDS are missing out on quality health, education and social services.

The traditional support systems of extended families have buckled under the strain of the epidemic and the basic needs of children are not being met.

Of the 160,000 children under 15 years living with HIV, less than half get the lifesaving antiretroviral drugs they need to survive.

As a Christian Aid Direct project, your donations will go directly to helping children affected by HIV and AIDS in Kenya. We'll also provide you with regular updates about this project and the people you're supporting.

Your gift will go further

This project is part-funded by USAID, so every £1 you donate will provide £20 for the project, helping to provide lifesaving healthcare, education and vital support to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.

How does HIV and AIDS affect children in Kenya?

  • They often miss out on critical immunisations
  • They’re less likely to enrol at school
  • They suffer malnutrition and stunted growth
  • Girls are more likely to fall pregnant as teenagers and suffer gender-based violence
  • They can be exploited, neglected, displaced, left destitute or left for dead

This project will reach 170,000 children across Kenya, using new approaches to build skills and capacities to strengthen local services.

The project will also promote innovations like the Jua Mtoto Wako (Swahili for ‘Know your Child’) system which will use mobile phone technology to identify, track and match the health and social services needed by every individual child.

Jackline Adhiambo sit with three of her siblings pouring water into their cups

Jackline’s story

Aged just 15, Jackline Adhirrbo was left to care for five younger children. When their mother died from HIV, no relatives came forward to take them in.

'It has been difficult because the food is not always there. Sometimes you have to go without food and sometimes the children just cry and you have to sleep without food.'

Tens of thousands of children in Kenya, like Jackline, have to take on the responsibility of caring for siblings after losing their parents to HIV.

Will you help us to support people like Jackline?

Your gift will go directly to this project, helping children and orphans across Kenya.

Implementing partners include:

  • Pathfinder International
  • Department Of Children Services