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With our Island-to-Island Appeal, we’re reaching out in particular to our supporters who live on islands.

Island life can be tough when bad weather strikes, but imagine if a typhoon hit your island, destroying homes and jobs. And then, you lacked the resources to rebuild your life and earn a living.

Typhoons can wreck homes, crops and incomes in an instant.

This is a reality for communities living on the islands of the Philippines, where around 20 typhoons hit the country every year and three-quarters of people live in disaster-prone areas. 

By supporting our Island-to-Island Appeal, you can help give islanders a safer place to call home.

The poorest suffer most

These communities don’t have the infrastructure and support that’s available to island communities around Britain to help them cope with shocks and disasters.

You’ll remember the devastation Typhoon Haiyan brought to much of the Philippines. 

Sadly, typhoons are all too frequent. Please give your support to help fellow islanders be prepared for the worst.

Agnes Salvaria

Agnes Salvaria

Agnes Salvaria and her family live on a small island that was hit hard by Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Typhoon Yolanda). Although they escaped with their lives, Agnes lost all her possessions, including her home and boat.

‘Even after we survived the typhoon, we thought our lives would end. We couldn’t rebuild our houses because our sources of livelihood were destroyed. We rely on fishing, so when we lost our boats, we didn’t know where to find food and income,’ says Agnes. Her family struggled to rebuild their lives.

How we’re helping

Our partner ICODE responded quickly, providing food, clothes and boats, so the community could return to fishing. ICODE also helped them build new, stronger homes, designed to endure harsh weather, in areas safe from flooding.

‘We’re really thankful that we were given this shelter because now we can sleep soundly, not fearing any calamities,' says Agnes.

ICODE continues to work with small island communities. This work is more urgent than ever – climate change has made massive storms like Typhoon Haiyan more likely. 

Many more island communities need your help to stay safe from future disasters. By supporting the Island-to-Island Appeal, you can help people like Agnes build secure homes and livelihoods.

Read more about our work in the Philippines and on climate change, find out about our climate campaign and download resources.

When Yolanda hit, we thought our lives would end. We had to run to the fields to find refuge. We didn’t expect to survive. We’re thankful that God watched over us.’

- Agnes Salvaria.