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A bowl of corn-on-the-cob

At home

Raise lots of money from the comfort of your own home. Open your doors and invite your friends, family and neighbours in – all to raise money of course.

Here are some fun ideas for fundraising at home:

  • Hold a childhood party! Invite all your grown-up friends to play the old favourites: musical chairs, pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey. Charge for entry and sell childhood refreshments too, like jelly and ice-cream and homemade lemonade.
  • Murder mystery night! Organise a murder-mystery night at your house and charge for taking part. Dress the part to make it more fun, and find out who dunnit.
  • Garage sale! Have a clear out at home and make money selling your unwanted belongings.
  • A sausage sizzler! Fire up the BBQ and invite friends and family to make a donation in exchange for sausages, burger and buns. You could even ask your local supermarket to donate their food for free.