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Give it up for Lent

Chucking the chocolate? Binning the booze? Banishing box-set binges? Whatever you choose to give up for Lent, get your friends and family to sponsor you, and help people living in poverty around the world!

Already know what you want to give up for Lent? Get started here! Or if you’ve still got no idea what to quit, just scroll down for some inspiration…

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What should I give up for Lent?

Want to Give it up for Lent but don’t know what ‘it’ is? Here are some ideas for you…

  • Got a sweet tooth? Ditch those desserts.
  • Addicted to your morning mocha? Try cutting out coffee.
  • Beer lover or wine connoisseur? Switch to soft drinks.
  • Put down the pizza and step away! Go fast-food free.
  • Move beyond meat-free Mondays. Go veggie for Lent.
  • Hit pause on your favourite series and give up box-set binges.
  • That new summer wardrobe can wait. Abandon your shopping cart!
  • Love your weekend lie-ins? Give them up and be an early bird.

Giving up a little luxury could change lives

Lope and Eva

Eva and Lope's story

In their fishing community in the Philippines, Eva and Lope are living with the dangers of climate change: unpredictable seas, intense heat and terrifying storms. When a typhoon ripped away precious coral reefs and mangrove trees, it could have destroyed their way of life.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, their community was able to create an artificial reef, replant mangroves and help the environment recover. Lope now campaigns against the illegal fishing that harms marine ecosystems.

We support communities around the world with equipment, guidance and training, and help them to make their voice heard. Just by giving up a little luxury, you can help people to rise up against climate change.

You’ll be doing the tricky part – so we’ve made the fundraising easy!

Get started in three simple steps:

  1. Click sign up and fill in your details – you’ll be redirected to JustGiving.

  2. Set up your JustGiving fundraising page.

  3. Share your challenge on social media and start getting sponsored!

Our top tips for raising money

  • Personalise your fundraising page. Tell your story! What are you giving up and why?
  • Share it all! If people don’t know what you’re up to, they can’t help. Get your friends and family to share your fundraising page – that way you’ll reach more people!

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a fundraising page for Give it up for Lent?

Follow this guide on JustGiving, choosing Christian Aid and Give it up for Lent.

How do I create a TEXT CODE for my Fundraising Page?

Follow this step-by-step guide on JustGiving.

When is Lent?

This year Lent begins on Wednesday 6 March and ends on Thursday 18 April.

Your fundraising resources

Download your sponsorship form and poster pledge here!


All of your gifts will be treated as charitable donations, meaning they will go towards helping Christian Aid’s life-changing work around the world.