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Frank used to rely on growing maize to feed his family but Malawi’s unpredictable and extreme climate causes the crop to easily fail.

One year, when drought ruined the harvest, Frank’s four-year-old son Peterson became critically ill. Frank carried him on foot to the hospital four miles away, to be told he was severely malnourished. And last year, his mother tragically passed away during a drought, due to hunger-related weakness.

It is very pathetic, as a father, to feel helpless like that, to feel like you cannot provide food for your children, and that there is nothing you can do to make them better when they are crying.

- Frank Zulu.

How can a tiny pea change thousands of lives?

This easy to grow crop is high in protein and resistant to drought. It can be lifesaving in Malawi - where millions struggle to feed their families.

But the sad truth is Frank hasn’t yet been able to make a profit.

Frank holds pigeon peas from last year's Harvest.

Unscrupulous middlemen take advantage of farmers like him by buying directly from farms and using illegal buying scales, driving prices right down.

As a result, Frank’s peas earn him just £100 a year. He simply can’t afford to send his four children to school or even to properly feed his family. If Frank can’t make a profit his whole family will be at risk when the rains fail again.