Mondura and Mohamed crab farmers in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, 32% of the population live below the poverty line, affecting those living in rural areas the hardest, particularly marginalised groups including women and minority groups. But crab farming is giving families the chance to earn a living.  

Efforts to fight poverty in Bangladesh have become even more difficult because of the impact of climate change. Extreme temperatures, rising sea levels and tidal surges leading to the salination of fresh water, make it difficult for farmers to grow traditional crops.

Salty water is killing fruit trees and severely reducing rice and legumes harvests so more families are turning to crab farming to earn a sustainable income.

As a Christian Aid Direct project, your donations will go directly to helping rural communities make a living from crab farming. We'll also provide you with regular updates about this project and the people you're supporting.

Crab rearing opened a huge opportunity for profitable work due to the low monetary and time investment needed. I usually have more than 50% profit through my work each month.

Preetilota Mondal

Member of Christian Aid Bangladesh’s crab fattening project

How will the project help?

We’ll train local farmers, youth and women on crab farming. Our partners will provide support, share information and train local people on how to feed and nurture crabs to improve their market value.

With your support, we can:

  • improve the skills and knowledge of people already involved in, or would like to be involved in crab farming
  • allow crab farmers to gain access to land and develop ponds for crabs
  • provide support on how to grow and feed good quality crabs to sell
  • help farmers to find more opportunities to sell their produce at a fair price
  • increase the income of local farmers and improving their quality of life.
Mohamed, Monjura and their son Mehedi

Mohamed and Monjura

Mohamed attended two training courses on crab fattening. He then shared what he had learnt with his wife, Monjura. They now work together earning a steady income fattening crabs.

Mohamed and Monjura live a better quality of life since they started crab farming. They have made improvements to their home and their increased income helps to keep their two children in school.

Mohamed and Monjura have high hopes for the future and have expanded their business to rear crabs from birth.

Will you help other families in Bangladesh to earn a living from crab farming, like Mohamed and Monjura?

Implementing partners include:

  • Shushilan
  • Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK)