Shirts and tops hanging from a clothes rail in a shop

Super Swish

Change your wardrobe - change the world!

Swishing is the easy way to update your wardrobe! It’s guilt-free shopping, great for the environment and supports the work of Christian Aid across 40 countries worldwide.

Swishing - the ethical clothes swap

What is a Swish? Swishing is a chance to swap the clothes you have with other people, the more people who Swish the more choice on offer.  

Collect a donation from participants on the door - we suggest £5 a person. And why not make your event even more fun by serving refreshments and cakes to boost your fundraising?  

Swishing can be held at a church hall, a community center, a school, or even a pub. The most important thing is to publicise your event as widely as you can. You'll need hangers, mirrors and tables to display items.

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