People walking, cycling and jogging down a path in a park

Carbon Footprint Challenge

One small step for humankind - a giant leap against climate change

Shake up your lifestyle for a week or a month, help us combat climate change and get fit with the Carbon Footprint Challenge. Walk to work or cycle to school, donate your usual fare or fuel, and get sponsorship to support poor communities from around the world who are suffering due to climate change.  

Turn every step or pedal into a footprint for change, changing the life of others and who knows, maybe even your own! 

Tackle this challenge as a sole stepper, or unite with family and friends, perhaps join in through your local church groups, there are many ways you can get involved and step out for a brighter future. 

Step up to the challenge 

Get fit, feel amazing and make a difference. 

Use a pedometer and accept the challenge of 8,000 steps a day – that's how far women in Africa and Asia walk on average to fetch water. Show solidarity. Raise sponsorship by matching that distance every day for a month. Smash targets, feel great – bring hope to vulnerable people!  

Take on the Carbon Footprint Challenge on your own, with your family or as a church – and step out for a healthier, more hopeful future.  

Sign up to the Carbon Footprint Challenge

Sign up today and help us combat climate change.

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