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Take One Action Film Festival

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Christian Aid Scotland are partnering with Take One Action this September to bring you four fantastic films - 'Made in Bangladesh', 'Until the last drop', 'Kofi and Lartey' and 'Oil and Water'.

View all the scheduled films for Take One Action Film Festival 2020 here.  

Made in Bangladesh

How do you learn to speak out when everyone expects you to be silent? Shimu, 23, works in a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Faced with often grueling, at times unsafe working conditions, she starts a union with her co-workers. Despite threats from management and her husband’s disapproval, Shimu embraces the power of collective action.

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Until the Last Drop

In an occupied land where access to water has been turned into a privilege, two farmers face increasingly iniquitous realities.

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Take One Action Film Festival

Kofi and Lartey

Two boys navigate their friendship and path to adulthood on one of the biggest electronic waste dumps in the world, Agbogbloshie in Kenya, documenting their daily lives along the way.

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Take one action film festival

Oil and Water

In a drought-prone, oil-rich area in Northern Kenya, a community’s ancestral land has been taken for oil extraction. But after the women of the community — who traditionally have no say in things related to land — see that the promise of jobs, money and reliable water never materialize, they rally together to protect their future and fight greed, patriarchy and corrupt politics.

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take one action film festival