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Salt North East workshop – Good investment

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Muckle LLP, 32 Gallowgate, Newcastle, NE1 4BF, United Kingdom


At this workshop, we will be looking at the topic of ‘good investment’ and how we can achieve a more sustainable financial system.  Discussions will include: how you choose a bank or building society for your cash reserves that promotes financial inclusion how to make your pensions provider or asset managers more ethical or fossil-fuel free by investing pooled or treasury funds of the company how to navigate the landscape of ‘impact investing’, where you explicitly aim to invest in projects and companies that have a clearly identified social or environmental outcome. Attendees will be inspired and supported to think about how they can put values to work by leading change in their own business, provoking a community of change across faith and business networks and resourcing change by supporting entrepreneurs in the global south.  Workshops are free to attend but attendees are encouraged to make a donation towards Christian Aid's work. Attendees are invited to join us for a meal (at member’s expense) following the event.