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Salt London Workshop: Tackling Inequality

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CCLA ., Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street , London, EC4V 4ET, United Kingdom


At this workshop we will be looking at the topics of income inequality and the ‘leave no one behind’ agenda. We hope to inspire and challenge attendees to: look at the role that business plays in creating a just and equal world  explore how we can ensure those from the margins of society are included in business. Attendees will be encouraged to think about how they can put values to work by leading change in their own business, provoking a community of change across faith and business networks, and resourcing change by supporting entrepreneurs in the global South.  Workshops are free to attend but attendees are encouraged to make a donation towards Christian Aid's work. Attendees are invited to join us for a meal after the event (at attendees' expense). Christian Aid is working to eradicate poverty across the world, and is coming up with innovative ways to do just that. We are inviting business leaders to work with us, and each other, to tackle global poverty. The new Salt Business Network is open to anyone who owns a business, or is in a senior management position within a commercial organisation. It is for leaders who want to join a movement of like-minded people, who will learn about putting in place more responsible business practices, and about sustainable development, through the lens of faith. To find out more, please see or email